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Q Can i make a screen shot on stock firmware?
A Yes you can! user doesn’t need to root the device or employ third-party apps just to take a photo of what's happening on screen. Taking a screenshot is simple, To take screenshots you have to first hold down the home key and then press the power/lock key.Don't hold the home key too long otherwise lock button will not work. As you hold the home button immediately press the power/lock button to capture the screenshot.

Q My Young screen is turning on by itself, what is happening?
A It is caused by an application, usually by live wallpapers, try to find it and delete it, or install an antivirus app., i recommendDr.Web Anti-virus, scan, delete, wipe cache and dalvik (optional).

Q how can i make the volume of my SGY louder?
A ROOT IS REQUIRED. Most phones have their volumes limited by local laws to protect our hearing. There is a way to boost your volume however. Go to the Android Market and download an App called Volume+ (Sound Boost). There is also a free version called Volume+ Free.

Q How to remove an icon from the home screen?
A To remove an icon from the home screen, simply press on it, hold and drag to the Trash at the bottom of the screen.

Q How to dial contacts with a quick swipe?
A Instead of tapping on the contact name and then tapping on the option to dial, you can simply swipe right with your finger on the contact's name and it will directly call him/her. By swiping left, you can quickly send a message to the contact.

Q How to hide particular files from showing up in Gallery or Music Player?
A Sometimes there are things that we do not want our friends or relatives seeing,So instead of deleting the particular files or moving them to your computer all of the time, you can hide them in just a few seconds. All you need to do is create a folder called .nomedia wherever you want on your sdcard (you can do this from your phone by selecting Menu button -> Create Folder), then put the particular files on that folder and the files will not appear in media apps. You can also press the Menu key on your phone, then choose More -> go to Settings and untick the "Show hidden files" option if it is enabled. That way you will hide the .nomedia folder from the My Files app as well.

Q Can i make Voice actions?
A Yes you can, if you've got the Google Search widget on your home screen, tap on the little microphone which you see in the widget and speak out your command. Example: Tap on the microphone and say "Send an e-mail". An e-mail popup will appear giving you the options to type in the recipent's e-mail, subject and message.

Q I have forgotten my unlock pattern, what to do?
A If you have forgotten your custom unlock pattern, then don't panic. After 5 unsuccessful tries a button should appear saying 'Forgot pattern'. Press this and you will be asked to enter your Gmail username/password. The phone will then ask for a new unlock pattern. If you don't have a Gmail account, then you might have to either call your carrier or factory reset your phone.

Q How can i use custom ringtones, alarms, sms notifications?
A To use custom ringtones for your phone ringtone, your alarm or your text message notification, simply copy an MP3 file to one of the following folders:
If they don't already exist, then create a new folder. The file will then show up when you want to change your ringtones.

Q sometimes i lose packet data (3G) when i turn it off then on, i turn off then turn on my Youmg to enable packet data again?
A There is no need to turn your phone off and on to re-enable packet data, just long press on power button, enable airplane mode for 3-5 seconds then disable it.

Q How To Make my Young Run Faster?
A sometime you will find lack of memory due to various applications running in background. These apps waste android system memory. So you should clear them off if they are not used. You can clear them by using taskmanager. Galaxy y has a built taskmanager which will do this work for you. Open taskmanager by holding home button then move on to the RAM tab then click clear memory. It will free the RAM and save memory. Aslo you can download two more applications which are android assistant and app cache cleaner. For quick boost use android assistant and always clean the cache of various apps by using app cache cleaner.These apps are important for your smartphone.

Q How To Backup my Favourite Apps On my Young?
A You can always make a backup of your android apps on Galaxy y downloaded from play store (android market).For this you have to download an app called android assistant.Download it from play store.After downloading it open it and move to tools ,you will see apps and backup.Click on this icon and you will be shown a list of apps you wish to backup.Select the apps you want to backup.The apps will
be backed up to the memory card in apk format. Later you don't need to download them from play store (android market).You can directly install them from memory card.But during installing them your phone will block them as it doesn't allows non market apps to install. For this go to settings, click applications and select allow installation of non market apps. Then your phone will not block them.

Q How can i Switch my Young Network between 2G & 3G?
A In Galaxy y you can switch your phone's network from 2G to 3G or reverse. For this go to settings click wireless and networks, click mobile networks, move to network mode, select GSM or WCDMA(3G). now enable data traffic if you want to use internet.

Q How to Change Contact Picture?
A If you want to put a pic on your phone's contact then you have to move them first to android phone. Make a backup of your contacts because if phone is wiped then contacts will be deleted. To backup contacts on galaxy y open contacts click menu and select "Import/Export", Now choose "Export to SD card".Click yes. The contact list be backed up in "vcf format". And now you can restore the contacts to phone or sim through the import/export option. Now open contacts, click the plus sign to add contacts.Choose phone.Enter all details and click the plus sign on the pic. You can select the pic from album or can take picture from camera. Click save and you are done.

Q How to Restart Samsung Galaxy Y>
A Press and hold home and power key at same time until your phone turns off then release the buttons. Galaxy Y will restart. Restarting may be required if phone is hanged. This trick will let you to restart your galaxy y without turning it off and again starting it.

Q Is there a hidden wallpaper?
A Goto settings > About phone > Android version. Click many times on "Android version" until you see a wallpaper.

Q I rooted my Young, what to do next?
A It is recommended to make a nandroid backup immediately.

Q What is the easiest way to install samsung driver? 
A The easiest way is to install Samsung Kies.

Q How can i flash stock firmware on my Young? 
A See Doky73 thread.

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