A "themed custom ROM" based on stock XXMA3 firmware released in Spain on February of 2013.







This is basically a stock ROM with some goodies:
  • Compact Kernel
  • Deodexed
  • Rooted
  • Busybox included
  • init.d supported (Still working on this. Please refer to THIS post for more info.)
  • Zipaligned apks
  • Lesser system storage occupied
  • Themed boot animation without sound
  • Custom Setup Wizard
  • Power off video removed
  • Roboto Font
  • Custom WiFi/Battery/Apps and other Icons
  • ICS Style Settings with Extra settings
  • Custom Windows Animations
  • Custom transparent Status Bar with modded 15 toggles
  • Custom lock screen (only with lock pattern)
  • Themed wallpapers and sounds
  • All stock ringtones, alarms and notification sounds removed
  • Samsung apps removed
  • Modded TouchWiz30Launcher with 5 Icon Dock, alphabetical apps order and transparent notification bar
  • Audio boost (MegaBass booster)
  • Edited hosts file (almost ZERO pub)
  • Bravia Engine (not 100% sure if it's really doing anything...but it's there)
  • Better GPS config for Europe users
  • No more Zombie art by Jack Larson. Custom image and message instead.
  • All stock GB languages available, although I deliver only FULL translation for English and Portuguese

I've used no scripts for tweaks nor akuro's data2sd. You may add them afterwards, if you want.

The first thing I recommend you to do is to preform a nandroid backup (it's optional, but highly recommendable).

Secondly, if you want a clean install, get the XXMA3 Stock Firmware from HEREThis is a stock firmware package ready to be flashed through Odin and it's the one I've used as base. I've downloaded it from SamMobile and then created it using SplitFUS2.

Don't know how to use Odin? Click HERE!

Relevant downloads:

Download ClockWorkMod Recovery (if you don't have it already). Don't know where to download it? Just search for Millan.SIS CWM (for example)
Download TransfROMers_V1.zip (Please don't make any mirrors...)
Download TMA_TouchBeats_Fix.zip (Again, please, no mirrors...)

Optional downloads:

Download and extract Rings_Notif_Alarms.rar -> OPTIONAL! Not needed for the ROM to work. These are just some custom ringtones, notifications and alarms arranged by me.
Download and extract Original Sounds.rar -> OPTIONAL! Only if you want the original stock sounds (in case you don't enjoy the ones included with the ROM).
Download and extract APK.rar -> OPTIONAL! These are just some cool apps that I use (specially Noozy Player).

Enough downloading, let's get started:
  • Place the downloaded zip files (and optional extracted folders) on your SD Card's root.
  • Turn off the phone
  • Access stock Recovery (Turn on the phone with this Key combo -> Long press Home+Volume up+Power Button)
  • Choose Wipe DATA
  • Choose Wipe CACHE
  • Choose Apply Update from SD card
  • Choose CWM -> you will boot into CWM Recovery
  • Wipe DATA and CACHE again via CWM
  • Go to Advanced
  • Wipe Dalvik Cache
  • Wipe Battery Stats (only if your Battery is full, otherwise, don't do it)
  • Press Back Button
  • Choose Install zip From SDCARD
  • Choose zip From SDCARD
  • Select -> TransfROMers_V1.zip
  • Choose “yes...."
  • Wait for the Rom's installation to finish
  • Press Back Button and choose "Reboot"
  • Check out the cool kernel's splash image as well as the boot animation (LOL!)
  • After the phone boots up, wait for it to detect your SIM's and to scan your SD Card. You may run the wizard and change your language but, other than that, don't do anything else.
  • Reboot into Recovery again (now you're able to do it through your Status Bar)
  • Choose Apply Update from SD card
  • Choose CWM -> you will boot into CWM Recovery
  • Choose Install zip From SDCARD
  • Choose zip From SDCARD
  • Select -> TMA_TouchBeats_Fix.zip (you really need to do this if you want my modded TouchWiz30Launcher)
  • Choose “yes...."
  • Wait for the fix installation to finish
  • Press Back Button and choose "Reboot"
  • DONE!


Since I didn't include none of the super-mega tweak scripts out there, I recommend you to use Links2SD in order to minimize the phone's storage. Don't know how to use it? Just click HERE.

Deadly's compact kernel has "THE" brightness bug. In order to fix that, just access CPU control and set the Freq. min clock to 312Mhz. For more information about this, click HERE.

Don't forget to enable all windows animations


As usual, I am not responsible if you brick your phone, or if any other x-file kind of stuff happens to your device. Although I think it's quite impossible to do that (if you've followed my instructions), remember that you're doing this because you want to and not because I'm telling you to.