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Nandroid Backup

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In case you are not quite tech savvy and have been hearing the term “Nandroid backup”, you probably must be getting confused and perplexed even more. Well, in a simpler term, Nandroid backup is a highly convenient back up option, which very carefully backs up the systems complete internal memory along with all the related apps, ROM, and other correlated features. You also can very conveniently restore it just in case you come across a destructed ROM, or kernel, etc.

This backup is actually not similar to other apps such as the titanium backup and in fact has a completely different system and well equipped. If you take the backup at the right time then it can be a complete savior for you, saving your important data from getting lost or damaged. This is basically the back up system of the Android OS (operating system) from the NAND memory of the phone and this gets saved in the storage card slot.

This is the reason why it is generally suggested to have your phone’s proper NAND backup just before you even think of flashing inside a new ROM. This step is important and must be completely followed as because, if something goes wrong, the phone can move back to the previous working condition.

Just before you start off with the restore or the Nandroid backup process, remember that it is important for you to root up your phone, and get the Clockwork Recovery installed. Make a note that, the backup for this entire process moves to the SD card, and this is the reason why the SD card must have enough free space so that the phone’s entire contents of the phone memory get restored.

One of the safest, easiest and most convenient ways of performing the Nandroid backup is by systematically utilizing the ROM manager. This is basically a free Android App, which can be easily downloaded from the Android Market. One can use it while running over Android to schedule operations so as to perform it in recovery.

It also offers a GUI through which one can easily install ROMs and at the same time perform, manage and restore the backups. This does not by itself, exercises the procedure, and rather reboots the device into recovery, soon after the action had been timely scheduled, finally automatically performing it through the recovery.

Hence, the Nandroid backup is nothing but the duplicate copy of your phone. Just in case you are clear with ideas such as cloning or creation of ghost image of the computer hard drive, then this is just a similar operation like that. It is not just having the complete back up of your entire email and contact list, but at the same time having an entire copy of everything.

To get a nandroid backup,You will need Clockwork Mod Recovery:
Backup-Boot into stock recovery>update from SD>choose Clockwork mod>Backup and Restore>Backup
Restore-Boot into stock recovery>update from SD>choose Clockwork mod>Backup and Restore>Restore
[Backups will be saved to a folder named clockworkmod in your SD card

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