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Updated-05.26.13-Stock Apps for Download(Update with DXLL1 in Post nr.30

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I made this thread for user,looking for stock apps or who need some.
Updated with Stock DXLF1 Apps in Post nr.21
yet all the time DDLA2, but the thread is still being updated and expanded.
(under construction)




File Type: apkCamera.apk - [Click for QR Code] (2.10 MB, 240 views)
File Type: - [Click for QR Code] (2.42 MB, 142 views)
File Type: apkContacts.apk - [Click for QR Code] (2.69 MB, 169 views)
File Type: apkDeskClock.apk - [Click for QR Code] (335.9 KB, 207 views)
File Type: apkEmail.apk - [Click for QR Code] (3.80 MB, 107 views)
File Type: apkFmRadio.apk - [Click for QR Code] (598.5 KB, 191 views)
File Type: apkGallery3D.apk - [Click for QR Code] (1.15 MB, 329 views)
File Type: apkMms.apk - [Click for QR Code] (2.34 MB, 231 views)
File Type: apkMusic.apk - [Click for QR Code] (999.5 KB, 399 views)
File Type: apkPhone.apk - [Click for QR Code] (2.75 MB, 223 views)
File Type: apkScreenCaptureService.apk - [Click for QR Code] (29.0 KB, 218 views)
File Type: apkVoiceRecorder.apk - [Click for QR Code] (1.07 MB, 220 views)

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