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Remove Sim Lock [Openline SGY]

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What is SIM-LOCK?

Sim-lock, SP-lock, “coding” - all these words have similar meaning: a programmed limit in the phone to work with a single network. A sim lock allows a network provider to prevent handsets from being used on other GSM networks. Usually those handsets are sold with a discount, and the provider covers the price difference. The handset stays inside the same network and within a year pays back the expenses of the service provider.

SIM-LOCK could be installed by the manufacturing or distributing company. The network provider orders some quantity of handsets from manufacturer. The producing company supplies the phones along with the SIM-LOCK removing codes. The physical sense of Sim-lock: there is a unique MCC/NCC code of the country and network saved in the SIM-Card. Phone detects those codes when it's powered on. If they have coincided, the telephone works normally, other ways on display appears the following massage: “Invalid SIM” or “Enter the SIM-Lock code”. There are some other methods of coding the handsets, but the considered above – is the most widespread. 

How legal is to remove a sim lock ?

The legality of the SIM-Lock removing procedure depends on the law of the country. Some countries don't have a strict law that directly forbids this act. It could be declared as “An invasion into informative technologies”. But from another side, the person that bought the phone is allowed to do with it everything. For example: if you have a TV that supports only one standard of the incoming signal. Nobody can take you to the court if you will install a multi system receiver on it. You can modify it in the way you like. The only thing you will lose is warranty cover. It could be explained in different way, depends on the lawyer.
It gets a different sense when it comes to the illegal export of the mobile devices. They could come legally only from the manufacturers or the official distributors.
Off course GSM service providers are loosing the profits, when the handsets, sold by the 10% of the original price, are crossing the networks. 


How To Remove Sim Lock
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