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Lost/Stolen or Locked out of Device. Read Here!

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Lost or Phone Stolen Read Here !!

Ok I will post stuff here as we go, if anyone has anything to add, simply prepare your addition and PM it to me and I will add it to this Guide and resource center for all, I will also make sure you get recognition for bringing it to our attention. I will only post Android Lost and Plan B for now and others can offer tutorials on other apps, options and procedures, and I will add them as you give them to me. For now I will keep this thread closed as I don't want it to get loss with confusion with the many other post we will have. I prefer if someone has lost a phone or had it stolen, that you open a specific thread and we will help you there.

Android Lost 

Android Lost - Android Apps on Google Play

Here is the Guide and some great features, GUIDE

If not already installed on your device you can install remotely

Remote installation

If you have already lost your phone and have not yet installed androidlost you still have a chance of using it. First push the app to the phone as described above. Then send an SMS with the text "androidlost register". This will startup the app, get a google push key and send it to the web server. You should now be able to sign in on Android Lost and start the alarm.

Here are a few Videos for your viewing

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