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How To Reset Password Of Samsung Mobile Phones

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Reset password of samsung mobile phones
Yesterday, we got a mail from “John clerk” who wants to know about How to reset password of Samsung mobile phones. John explained me the scenario that he forgets the security code password of his Samsung mobile phone and wants to reset that lost password. So we decided to help john
by writing this article. We know there are so many mobile phone users like John who forget the password of his/her mobile phone and wants to reset it back. So today we have decided to explore amobile trick by which you can reset or break the password of Samsung mobile phones.

Only some sophisticated mobile phone users know that Samsung mobile phone offers a feature by which we can unlock a security code locked Samsung mobile phone without investing a penny on it. So if you forget your Samsung mobile phone password then try this trick and unlock your mobile phone.

How to reset Samsung Mobile Phone Password:
 This mobile trick, will format all the messages and contacts stored on your mobile phone. 
To break security code of Samsung mobile phone follow these steps

1) Type *2767*3855#2) Then press “green” or “calling” button

The above code will restore your Samsung mobile phone password to default by restoring the mobile setting to by default. The default security code for Samsung mobile phones is 0000.

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