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Intellipatch 2000 for Galaxy y duos

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Is Your phone's interface boring?Is your phone slow?Want to add mods?Want to get a custom rom but afraid of losing your precious data?If the answer to any of these questions is yes,then the Intellipatch 2000 is for you!!!It is a flashable zip file which adds features,speed,mods and much more without having to get a custom rom.anyone can now make their phone better by Intellipatching it...So,What are you waiting for???Get the intellipatch 2000 now!

Guide to Intellipatching
1.Download the intellipatch of your choice
2.copy to the root of sdcard
3.Flash it in cwm recovery


Terms and Conditions
1.Everyone is allowed to copy the design,files, or any element of intellipatch in their roms or mods
2.No mirroring of these links is allowed
3.Modifying of Intellipatch files will be tolerated
4.If anyone wants to post Itellipatch on other boards or forums,They must link to this thread
5.All Bug reports must be posted in this thread
6.If anyone wants to break any of these condditions then pm me.Ill let you do so if im in a good mood
7.I bear no responsibility if anything goes wrong

Intellipatch v.1.0
(For Technoduos only)

Gorgeous Miui interface
Assasins creed bootanimation
Miui ringtones
Camera and Gallery revamped

Main improvement:Aesthetic appeal

Intellipatch v.1.1

same as 1.0 except its for stock rom

Intellipatch v.1.5


Miui notes
Launcher Revamped
New Miui File Explorer,Sound Recorder,Browser
Enhanced Miui Music Player

Main Improvement:Completes the miui look and feel

Intellipatch v.2.0

Increased Touch sensitivity
Internet Speed Increase
Photo and Video quality improvements
Speed boosting tools
Signal Tweaks
Call tweaks
Increase scrolling responsiveness
Google Dns Tweak
Adrenaline Engine

Main improvement: Overall Performance

(minor update)v.2.2
fixed a few bugs

Intellipatch v.2.3

14 toggle mod added


Q1.What is Intellipatch?
A1.Intellipatch is a feature expanson pack for the galaxy y and galaxy y duos

Q2.How is Intellipatch different from a custom rom?
A2.Intellipatch just modifies a few files and adds a few features.It does not require a data wipe nor a factory reset

Q3.Can I Flash a new intellipatch over a old one?
A3.Yes.You can.It is perfectly fine

Q4.Can I modify intellipatch or use its code?
A4.No.See the Terms and conditions.If you reallly want to use it then pm me.I might just allow you!

Q5.Will intellipatch give a complete makeover to my phone?
A5.The features of each intellipatch will be clearly stated.Each intellipatch does only what it says,nothing more.

Q6.How can i contribute to intellipatch?
A6.By helping in me to be a part

If you like Intellipatch,thank these users too.Theyre just a search away!

4.The Ace King 34

Authors Note
I do this out of passion and i am not asking for any donations.all i ask for are three things
1.For you to press thanks
2.For you to help in development
3.For you to submit bug reports regularly

This is not the end!!!
Intellipatch is updated very often .About once every week or even sooner!!!!
Intellipatch V.5.0 Is gonna Be EPIC!!!!Wait for it.....

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