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Jar of Beans - Android Emulator Portable x86 [DISCONTINUED]

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Jar of Beans - Android Jelly Beans (4.1.1) Emulator - PORTABLE for Windows + PLAYSTORE + PLAY MUSIC + ARM COMPATIBILITY APP (with LIBHOUDINI XOLO)+ ROOT + Busybox + FLASH PLAYER + DEODEX + BACKUP MY APP + CHECK HAXM + DRIVER + Physical Drive FAT32/NTFS +CUSTOM KERNEL and more...

thanks to the continuous assaults related to advertising, which with a little care you can not install because the installation optional, I stopped the project.
I was at the end of the version with Android 4.2.2 (not online)

if one day take up the project will be informed.

Thanks to people who are not Enlarged to tick boxes and press buttons to not install the publicity, the only source of revenue for the project ... it was reported the page on google code and closed.

a thanks is appreciated

Over 23.000 points on antutu (version beta 4.6.3)
Over 70.000 download (from old repository on rapidshare,
download the latest from google code not have been dropped for reasons of space, I added in the Annexes to the old download from rapidshare ... the total amounts to more than 70,000
)(version beta 1/2/3)

you what you would like?

NEW default Kernel Intel android-goldfish-2.6.29 with SFS/NTFS/FUSE/CIFS
Support Physical disk/usb storage FAT32
Support Physical disk/usb storage NTFS (max 128gb for partitions with "Paragon Mounter" - not included app)
Removed google search (QuickSearch.apk)
systam\app removed file odex (deodex)
framework removed file odex (deodex)
Flash player 11
Backup my App on PC
Libhoudini (for ARM application compatibility - EXPERIMENTAL (not correct working))
DALVIK PATCH ported from ANDROVM (For libhoudini start, dev on work  , not stable for now)
Increased stability on the emulator libhoudini
Optimized basic configuration of the emulator
Check driver HAXM
RAM control before Start Emulator (Reviewed)
System Partition max size = 2gb
Userdata Partition max size = 2gb
custom sd card size

Jelly Bean 4.1.1
Play Store 3.10.10
Google Play Music
Es File Manager (for shared folder and more)
Nova Launcher
Superuser + SU (x86)(integrated) FULL WORKING ROOT
Busybox Free (working) (integrated)
Gallery 4.2 (integrated)
Gmail 4.2 (integrated)
MX player (preinstalled)
MX player codec x86 (preinstalled)
Adnroid Terminal Emulator (integrated)

(webcam support default enabled = webcam0 = webcam0)

Removed Api Demos & Gesture Builder
Custom Boot Animation (NEXUS)

Multi USER custom setting,data & sdcard

Assisted LAUNCH of Emulation (added skip button)
NEW Assisted set temp Permission and Install APK

REQUIRED: Supported HAXM acceleration
driver included in folder:

Support GPU accelleration

System, data, sdcard (temp) write and read permission
Improved Stability of ADB and CMD auto control
Push File
Your Local IP Viewer

Custom size of RAM memory (min 128 mb/ 846mb MAX)

auto task killer for cmd e adb


HBehrens for Nexus-One & Nexus S skin

Customized for Jar of Beans:
800x480 (portait compatibile)
1024x600 (portait compatibile)
1280x768 (portait compatibile)
1400x900 (portait compatibile)
1920x1080  (portait compatibile)


ADB page, Custom Setting, changelog page and more more more...

BUGS - [problem with windows XP,VISTA or 8? (not tested), only win 7 tested for now]
problems with some ati cards, not all, only some
random collapse of the Internet
No usb support
No battery support
By default only emulated camera
Test compatibility with arm
other ???

To share folders used "ES File Manager", enter in the network folders on your IP address and you can access your shared folders in LAN
or use SMB/CIFS module
or load youd NTFS hdd on emulator

FOR VIDEO: USE "MX PLAYER" (with MX player codec x86) and play with ES File Manager (from shared folder for example), DIVX, MKV,Mp3 and other not tested

Jar of Beans If you liked and want to offer me a breakfast use the "donate"
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