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Rayglobe 3.2 ROM for LG G2

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• Rayglobe is ROM designed to be fast like italian cars and beautiful like italian girl!!
• Rayglobe is based on the latest International 4.2.2 ROM Base and is Deodexed. Please flash only on LG 802 or LG 800 phone!
• Rayglobe is targeted to the towards the user that wants a heavy themized stock ROM and that demand batteryperformance and obviously stability! I have phone and I test always my rom and will publish here after 1/2 day of daily use

• Latest Lg international base
• Root, busybox and init.d support
• Ext4 hack
• Stripped 50% debugging info
• Optimized with latest sdk.
• Three themes installed (launch with theme item on LG UI home)
• Sense theme it’s change by me with new blu icons
• New themized framework (search something in playstore an you see the difference )
• X-reality from Sony z1
• Keyboard from Sony z1
• Google 4.3 camera
• Samsung Svoice for non english users that don’t have LG voice mate
• Hd Text to speech voice. For now italian and english but other in download section
• Audio hack
• Build.prop heavy tweaked
• No ads
• New ringtones
• Google Edition Bootup and shutdown animationpersistent
• ADB enabled
• Xperia Z1 system fonts enabled. Select roboto in settings/font
• Volume and brightness sliders removed from pull down curtain
• Ramdisk improvements
• Battery life, performance and memory improvements
• Battery 100% mods also in rechargeable mode
• Improved AGPS by a lot with a new init.d script. Please don't kang
• Sysro / sysrw binaries
• openvpn / sqlite support
• Disabled logging & removed bloatware
• Advanced power menu - credits bigfau for the original mod
• Huge system app remove
• Themed horizontal quick settings
• Viper4Android FX
• Smoothest ROM
• Best Battery Management
• Fast fixes / updates



1) For major updates rom number will change is so from 1.0 to 2.0 or 3.0 (e.g. new function/feature)
2) for bug fixes, rom number will change from 2.1, 2.2, etc.
I am not responsible for any damage to your device.
The installation of the ROM is at your own risk.
However, the flash procedure is always performed
at least three times with a day of testing.

• Must have International Lg g2 code 802 or 800. With other phone you brick!
• Make backup of your current rom. This is very important point
• Must have twrp or cwm recovery installed!
• Copy ROM to storage
• Reboot to Recovery
• Factory reset (highly recommended)
• Flash ROM
• Reboot to System
• Enjoy!

Note: You don't need to wipe data if you want dirty flash but always a good idea made it when installing new ROM. 
Wipe cache, system, dalvik cache and system but not data if you do not want to start fresh. If you use the dirty method then please only report any bugs you may run into after you try to install ROM with a complete factory reset

Version Information
Status: Stable

Utsav Verma

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