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[KITCHEN] Android Kitchen, v0.224 [Linux / Mac / Windows]

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Android Kitchen

Compatible with Windows (Cygwin) / Linux / Mac OS X

  • This is a tool for those who want to start learning how to make custom ROMs, or who just want to save some time with their ROM customization.
  • My goal is to make your life easier, and, at the same time, help you learn about the Android OS.
  • The kitchen will not automatically turn you into a developer. You are not programming anything or building a ROM from the ground up. The kitchen merely presents a user-friendly interface to hide all the rough details. However, this may be the push that gets you into development in the future.
  • A little bit of prior UNIX command-line knowledge would be useful to get started with the kitchen, but the help guides should be enough for a newbie. Knowledge of command lines is always important if you ever want to get involved in Android or development.

 Android Kitchen - by dsixda (

Main Menu

 1. Set up working folder from ROM
 2. Add root permissions
 3. Add BusyBox
 4. Disable boot screen sounds
 5. Add wireless tethering
 6. Zipalign all *.apk files to optimize RAM usage
 7. Change wipe status of ROM
 8. Change name of ROM
 9. Check update-script for errors
10. Show working folder information

Advanced Options

 11 - Deodex files in your ROM
 12 - Add task killer tweak for speed (stock ROM only)
 13 - Add /data/app functionality
 14 - Add Nano text editor + sysro/sysrw
 15 - Add Bash (command shell)
 16 - Add Apps2SD
 17 - Add /etc/init.d scripts support (busybox run-parts)
 18 - Add custom boot animation functionality
 19 - Porting tools (experimental)
 20 - Tools for boot image (unpack/re-pack/etc.)
 21 - Unpack data.img
 22 - Sign APK or ZIP file(s)
 23 - Convert update-script or updater-script
 24 - Miscellaneous optins / Plugin scripts

99. Build ROM from working folder
00. About/Update kitchen
 0. Exit
Please note, as of 2012 I have semi-retired myself from this project, as I have become overwhelmed with the number of devices to support, the demand, bad health, and the constant nagging, especially with a new addition to the family and busy life.

Unfortunately I am still suffering from a torn scapholunate ligament in my hand that I incurred in late 2010 as a direct consequence of the extra time I spent on the kitchen on my laptop. Thus I cannot spend time on these kinds of activities on a regular basis. I will add updates once in a while, on my own terms, when I feel like it, but I don't want to feel obligated to do work for people especially when I am in constant pain. I am currently undergoing costly treatments for my hand.

If you would like to contribute to the kitchen, you can submit a plug-in (see post #5), or you could send me an email/tweet/"git pull request" for a specific case. I *do not* encourage people distributing unofficial copies/kangs or charging money for my kitchen as I have seen in the past.

This all doesn't necessarily mean the kitchen won't work anymore in the future. Please refer to the information in this post for how to get newer devices to work with the kitchen. I really hope this kitchen helps you out. If you want to, send me a tweet or hit 'Thanks' at the end of this post (or whatever else) to let me know it worked out for you.

Thanks for your support!

Supported devices

NOTE: If your device is not mentioned here, try to configure the kitchen to add support for it. See Post #3 of this thread (the FAQ) on how to add new devices to the kitchen.
MediaTek MT65xx-based devices 
- Discussion thread here
- MT657X devices: See this post
  for details
- MT6589 devices: See this post
- IMPORTANT: You may need to define your device under the kitchen's 
  /tools/edify_defs folder, or it might not boot! Read the instructions in FAQ 
  section: 'How to Add New Devices'

Alphabetical list of rest of devices:

Acer Liquid

Dell Streak 7

HTC Amaze 4G

HTC Aria / Liberty 

HTC Desire

HTC Desire HD / Inspire 4G

HTC Desire S

HTC Desire Z / Vision / T-Mobile G2

HTC Dream / G1


HTC Droid Eris

HTC Evo 3D

HTC Evo 4G 


HTC Evo View 4G (untested)

HTC Evo Shift 4G 

HTC Flyer (untested)

- Use NAND ROM method (Please follow this thread for details)

HTC Hero / G2 Touch 

HTC Incredible 

HTC Incredible 2

HTC Incredible S

HTC Legend

HTC Magic / myTouch 3G 

HTC myTouch 3G Slide

HTC myTouch 4G / Glacier

HTC Nexus One 

HTC One (m7 variant)


HTC One X 

HTC One X+ (AT&T and International versions)


HTC One V (including CDMA version)

HTC Rezound

HTC Sensation

HTC Tattoo / Click 

HTC Thunderbolt

HTC Wildfire / Buzz

HTC Wildfire S

Huawei - Newer devices (2013+):  
- Custom ROMs *not* supported, but to extract files from firmware, 
  please follow this thread.

Huawei Ideos X6
- Please follow this thread for details

Huawei U8100/U8110/U8120/U8150/U8160/U8180/U8650

Huawei U8220 / T-Mobile Pulse 

LG Ally

LG GT540 Optimus 

LG Motion 4G
- Please follow this thread for details

LG Nexus 4 (mako)

LG Optimus 2X (P990)

LG Optimus Black
- Please follow this thread for details

LG Optimus G2X (P999)

LG P500 
- Please follow this thread for details

LG Shine Plus

LG Vortex

Micromax A60

Motorola Atrix (unconfirmed)

Motorola CLIQ / CLIQ XT

Motorola Droid

Motorola Droid Bionic
- Please follow this thread for details

Motorola Milestone (unconfirmed) 
- You may need to remove the boot.img before building

Prestigio MultiPhone 4500 DUO

Prestigio MultiPhone PAP4500TDUO

Samsung Galaxy Ace 2 - GT-I8160(L/P)

Samsung Galaxy Mini 

Samsung Galaxy Nexus (untested, 'maguro' and 'toro' versions only)

Samsung Galaxy Note 
- GT-N7000 - please follow this thread for details
- SGH-I717 - Please follow this thread for details

Samsung Galaxy Note 2
- Supported for:
-- Sprint variants - SPH-L900 - Please follow this guide
-- T-Mobile variants - SGH-T889(V) - Please follow this guide
-- Verizon variants - SCH-I605 
      (unconfirmed - see this equivalent guide)
-- International variants - GT-N7100/N7105(T)/N7108 
      (unconfirmed - see this equivalent guide)
-- AT&T/Rogers/Bell/Telus variants - SGH-I317(M)
      (unconfirmed - see this equivalent guide)
-- US Cellular variants - SCH-R950
      (unconfirmed - see this equivalent guide)

Samsung Galaxy R GT-I9103

Samsung Galaxy S (GT-I9000 and most variants) 
- Please follow this thread for details

Samsung Galaxy S Plus (GT-I9001) 
- Please follow this thread for details

Samsung Galaxy S2 
- Supported for:
-- GT-I9100 and Exynos CPU variants - Please follow this thread for details
-- Qualcomm/LTE variants 
     (AT&T Skyrocket, Rogers, Telus, T-Mobile, Bell HD LTE SGH-I757M, 
     Telstra GT-I9210T) 
        - Please follow this thread for details

Samsung Galaxy S3
- Supported for:
-- T-Mobile/Mobilicity/Wind variants: SGH-T999(V) - Click here for a guide
-- AT&T/Rogers/Bell/Telus variants: SGH-I747(M) - Click here for a guide
-- Verizon variants: SCH-I535, SCH-R530U - Click here for a guide
-- Sprint variants: SPH-L710, SCH-L710 - Click here for a guide
-- International variants: GT-I9300(T) - Click here for a guide
-- International LTE variants: GT-I9305(T) - Click here for a guide
-- Korean variants:  SHV-E210K/L/S and SHW-M440S (unconfirmed)

Samsung Galaxy S4
- NOTE: Kitchen only supports creating ROMs from stock firmware 
  or importing ROMs made only with kitchen!
- Supported for:
-- AT&T variant (SGH-I337)
-- Bell/Telus/Rogers variant (SGH-I337M)
-- T-Mobile variant (SGH-M919)
-- Wind/Mobilicity variants (SGH-M919V) - untested
-- International non-LTE variant (GT-I9500) - untested
-- International LTE variant (GT-I9505) - untested
-- Other American variants (SCH-R970, SPH-L720, SCH-I545) - untested

Samsung Galaxy W (GT-I8150)
- Please follow this thread for details

Samsung Nexus S / Nexus S 4G

Sony Ericsson Xperia 2010 devices (X10 / X10 Mini / X10 Mini Pro)
- Can only build ROM without boot.img (please follow this thread for details) 

Sony Xperia 2011-12 devices, specifically:
- TX, P, U, Sola
- Active, Arc, Arc S, Mini, Mini Pro, Neo, Neo V, Neo L, 
  Play, Ray (follow steps below):
  - Can only build ROM without boot.img
  - If using stock FTF for kitchen: 
     1) Unzip FTF file, extract the system.sin
     2) Dump system image from system.sin w/ Flashtool
        (Advanced-> SIN Editor) 
     3) Rename dumped file to system.img
  - OR If using Nandroid backups: Rename system.yaffs2.img to system.img
  - Use this system.img in kitchen's original_update folder
  - WARNING - If using a ROM made from system.sin (not Nandroid), it 
    is recommended to flash from the temporary (fastboot) Clockwork    
    Recovery, rather than the regular Clockwork Recovery, otherwise 
    device may not boot (possibly because custom recovery files in 
    system folder are not added to ROM? e.g. recovery.tar).

ZTE Blade / Orange San Francisco


Release Notes - Post #2
Download optional plugins - Post #5
Acknowledgements - Post #5
General questions about Linux/Mac/Cygwin - Use Google

Download Kitchen

Please be aware that this project is semi-retired due to my bad health, family and life in general. I cannot keep up with updates all the time. Please read the important info above, all your answers should be found there. Download link is below. Have fun and I hope you support my work!

Utsav Verma

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