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[ROOT][CWM][ROM's] Lenovo IdeaPhone (LePhone) K860(i)

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There are different custom ROM's & root methods for the K860 & K860i. Most of the root methods & ROM's are compatible with both the K860 and K860i. Read the full thread to be sure.
I'll update this post regularly, if there are any changes needed please say so in the thread or PM me (still WIP for adding the latest stuff).
Below you can find everything!

- Root methods & stock ROM's + MOD's/fixes:

There is an APK root method, linked below, or you can use the original not so easy root method:

I did some research on how to root it.
I found some steps on this Chinese website.

What I understand from it is you have to do the following steps to root:

- Set the phone to USB debugging in it's settings
- Make sure drivers are installed and the phone is recognized well by the phone PC software
- Close all the PC phone software applications
- Make sure no other android or smart/USB-device is connected except for the phone itself
- Download this file: root files, download link is also below in the attachment.
- Unzip it and launch the .exe (executable file) with the Chinese characters (should be first .exe in directory)
- The shell/CMD should start the root process
- The phone will automatically restart, don't touch it or any button, don't interrupt the shell program!
- Now after the reboot of the phone you should press any key on your keyboard when asked
- The shell program should continue, the phone will restart again!
- Again press any key to continue and wait for the shell program to reboot your phone for the third time (this can take some time, be patient!)
- When rebooted the "Operation was successful" message should appear in the shell program
- Now your K860 is rooted! Look for the root app in your phone to confirm. If rooting didn't work, try this process again
- Also update the Superuser or superSU app & binaries
Root method works, users already confirmed this!

- Easier/better root methods:
Added by kakandariko:
Alternative method.
Added by rugged666:
The same root method as for the P700
Added by jbctiong:
Root apk for K860 + 4.1.2 ROM

- Fixes:
Added by kiotu:
USSD CODE Fix for Native Chinese JB ROMs
Location Service Off FIX

- Stock ROM's:
Added by jbctiong:
Root apk for K860 + 4.1.2 ROM
Added by thongminh:
New rom 4.2.1 Update 24/05/2013
Added by kiotu:
JB 4.2 Latest 130531/30
Added by vikrant82:
Added by Holandeserrante: &
K860_1_S_2_003_0035_130620.szb & K860i_1_S_2_003_0056_130620.szb
K860_1_S_2_003_0036_130621.szb & K860i_1_S_2_003_0057_130621.szb
K860_1_S_2_003_0043_130624.szb & K860i_1_S_2_003_0064_130624.szb & K860_1_S_2_003_0044_130625.szb & K860i_1_S_2_003_0065_130625.szb

Links to how to add Google Apps:
Easy method:
Added by Ramanon:
Added by jbctiong:
gapps-jb for 4.1.2/CM10/AOKP ROM

- CWM Recovery
Added by angelsel:
CWM recovery in English for the K860
Added by jbctiong:
Method to Flash Recovery.img for K860

Custom ROM's.
Added by jbctiong:
"Overseas" Firmware for English users with the Google Apps included.
CM10 (JB 4.1.2), Multi Language, Minor Bugs
More ROM's
Another one.
Newer CM10 ROM
Lidroid v3.1 ROM for K860
AOKP JB 4.1.2 for K860
Added by amoyan:
Lenovo K860 based build ROM with Google Play, no branding, improved battery life
Added by Ramanon:
MIUI ROM for K860i (and K860 as well), beta
Added by Zanderion:
Rooted ROM for k860i
Added by ivantastic:
LIDROID 4.2 (K860)
Added by orgod:
CM10 v.2.5 ROM for K860
Added by thongminh:
Rom Miui Multilanguage update 19/04/2013
Added by kiotu:
kiotu Custom ROM K860 V2.03 - UPDATED 29/06/2013
Added by Holandeserrante:
MIUI ROM K860i 3.6.28

- kiotu kernel
Added by kiotu:
Experimental JB 4.1.2 kernel V4 - UPDATED 12/06/2013

- Other useful international thread about the K860, root, ROM's, ...:
Added by marcoruzza:

I want to note that I'm not responsible for any bricked phone by using these root/ROM's!
It is all at your own risk!
Also backup all data before rooting or flashing the phone!

For the links to the ROM's and other root methods, please Thank those persons!
If you think I helped you with this thread, please hit the Thanks button and make me happy 

Utsav Verma

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