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[ROM] BoneStock v3.4 (VRBMF1) 8/24/13 [SAMSUNG GALAXY S4]

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Standard Disclaimer:
I am not responsible for anything that may happen to your device.


  • Jelly Bean 4.1.2 OTA VRBMB1/VRBMD3/VRBMF1
  • Aroma Installer: Contents found below
  • Stock Kernel w/ init.d Script Support
  • Stable, Smooth, Great Battery Life <--- Click for battery life pictures
  • Fully Deodexed, Zip-aligned, Busy-box, Superuser, De-bloated (Install only what you want with Aroma)
  • Disabled Signature Checks
  • Enabled Third Party Applications by Default
  • Native Call Recording (Recording found in SD-Card > Sounds)
  • Auto Call Recording MOD
  • Settings > About Phone > Status - Shows "Normal" Rather Than "Modified"
  • Long Press to Kill Button: Choose either Menu .Back or Disable
  • Long Press Volume Skip Track 3.0 with New User Defined Perimeters (Screen must be OFF!)
  • Choice of Batteries in Aroma (35+)
  • 4-in-1 Extended Reboot Menu
  • 1% Battery Mod with Animated Charging
  • 100% Working Call/Message Block
  • 100% True VZW Blocking Mode
  • Rendered UI with GPU instead of CPU
  • Auto Brightness values lowered for better "auto" experience
  • Removed Verizon Wireless from Drop Down Logo
  • Removed VZW Backup Assistant from ROM + Settings.apk
  • Removed S-Cloud from ROM + Settings.apk
  • Removed Keyboard Notification (Can be added back in Aroma)
  • Removed Easy Mode from Settings.apk
  • Removed OTA Option in Settings.apk
  • Removed Persistent WIFI Notification
  • Removed Full Battery Notification
  • Removed Scrolling Cache
  • Increased overall touch responsiveness
  • Disabled debugging notify icon on status bar
  • Blocking Mode Remove Notification Toggle
  • Quick Unlock on Pin/Password Toggle
  • Lock Screen Torch Toggle
  • AOSP Lock Screen w/ SMS/Phone Shortcuts Toggle
  • AOSP Lock Screen Vibration Toggle
  • Disabled AOSP Lock Screen Unlock w/ Menu
  • ClockMod2.5:
    • -Remove Clock
    • -Center Aligned Clock (Please flash the .zip found in add-on's if you use the middle clock)
    • -Left Aligned Clock
    • -Right Aligned Clock
    • -Remove AM/PM
    • -Small AM/PM
    • -Large AM/PM
    • -Small Abbreviated Day of Week
    • -Large Abbreviated Day of Week
    • -Remove Abbreviated Day of Week
  • Extended Stock Messaging Options: (Removed for those having the 1 hour off bug)
    • -Screen ON/OFF Toggle
    • -Split-View ON/OFF Toggle
    • -Blocking Options (the Call/Message block feature found in Settings.apk)
    • -Save/Restore Messages
    • -Scheduled Messaging
    • -Group Messaging
    • -Messaging Time Stamps Show Correct Time
    • -Disabled the SMS to MMS auto-conversion
    • -Unlimited Recipients (1000)
    • -Unlimited SMS per Hour (1000)

Aroma Options:
Choice of Launchers: Stock, 5x4 Scrolling Wallpaper, 5x4 Non-Scrolling Wallpaper, 5x6 Scrolling Wallpaper, 5x6 Non-Scrolling Wallpaper (only in v1.6 and below), Nova, Apex, Trebuchet
Choice of File Managers: ES File Manager, Stock My Files, SG4 MyFiles, None
Selection of Keyboards: Stock Samsung, Android 4.2, Note2, Emoji, Swype
Selection of Widgets: Analog Clocks, Digital Clocks, Samsung Favorites, Simple Alarm Clock, S Planner - (Calendar Widget)
Selection of Live Wallpapers: Deep Sea, Luminous Dots, Photo, Topic, Weather
Selection of Google Apps: Gmail, Google News & Weather, Street View, Talk, Hangouts, YouTube
Selection of Samsung Apps: All Share, Kies, Media Hub, Mobile Print, S Memo, S Suggest, S Cloud, S Push, Email, Exchange, Pop up Browser, Photo Editor
Selection of Samsung Galaxy S4 Apps: Accuweather, MyFiles, Browser, Gallery, S-Voice, Video Player
Selection of Verizon Apps: Back Up Assistant, Back Up & Media, Visual Voice Mai
Selection of Misc Apps: Ad Free, Polaris Office Viewer, VPN Client, Yahoo, Voice Recorder, Adobe Flash, Viper Audio, Paper Artist, Caller ID
Selection of Rotation Options: Stock Rotation, Full 360 Degree + Lock screen Rotation
Selection of Animation Options: Stock, AOSP, Drop, Fold, Mix, MNML, Shift, Slide
Selection of Call Recording Options: Auto Call RecordingRecord Option in the Call Menu or Stock/Removed
Selection of System Sounds Options: Touch wiz, 4.2
Selection of Keyboard Notification: Yes, No
Selection of Messaging Options: Touch wiz MMS, Touch wiz MMS 1 hour fix, AOSP MMS, Inverted AOSP MMS
Selection of Status Bar Transparency Options:
Status Bar Transparency Options:
Transparent Status bar Pull down: Stock, 100%, 75%, 50% 25%
Transparent Status bar: Stock, 100%, 75%, 50% 25%
Selection of Status Bar Options:
Color of Status bar Clock: Cyan, White, Stock
Color of Status bar Icons: Cyan, White, Stock
Selection of Lidroid Toggle Options:
Brightness Slider: Yes, No
Icon Color: Cyan, White
Button Color: Cyan, White, Removed
Number of Toggles Shown: Five, Six, Seven
Show Text Label for Toggles: Yes, No
Selection of Batteries: 42 and counting to choose from batteries shown here



Old Downloads

Install Instructions:
Verify the MD5 of your download
Wipe: data/factory reset, system, cache, dalvik-cache.
Installation video thanks to Tomsgt

VRBMF1 firmware
VRBMB1 firmware

Fixed Chrysis battery not showing up when chosen in Aroma
Added Street into Maps in Aroma
Remove the AdFree.apk from Aroma: Misc, and include custom Ad-blocking hosts file in ROM
TW Spell Check

Slimmed Down the ROM by about 10MB
Removed some apps that can be found in the Play Store
Updated Gmail, Hangouts, Kies, Maps, Allshare, Samsung push, SuperSU
Cleaned up un-needed code in SecMms.apk for Call/Message Block MOD
Added more status bar icon .png images (Silent, Vibrate, Bluetooth, etc)
ADB works as should, can now adb remount, etc
Added Exit Menu to Browser
Snooze Enabled by Default for Alarms
Fixed updater-script:
Allows to switch between AOSP and TW SMS
Added a few Extended SMS Features for those having hour bug:
Screen On/Off Toggle
Group Messaging
Split-View On/Off Toggle
Save/Restore Messages
Scheduled Messaging

Fixed updater-script - fixes the problem with replacing custom kernel with stock kernel when doing an existing ROM edit
Auto Call Recording now functions 100%
Updated outdated AdFree.apk
Very small - incremental update

Aroma Option to choose MOD only or Full wipe - FULL Credit Prdog1 + NeWCuLTKiNG
Updated Aroma Binary 2.56 > 2.70B6 - Very smooth! Shouldn't freeze any more.
Added New page to Aroma for Call Recording - choose either:
***Auto Call Recording
***Record Option in the Call Menu
- All 100% ported to VZW SecPhone.apk
Added Missing Battery Bar.apk to Aroma
Added AOSP Ringtones to ROM
Added Missing Live Wall papers into Aroma: bubbles, phasebeam
Added Backup + Media .apk to Aroma - Verizon apps
Added More 4.2 system sounds to Aroma
Added New batteries (4)
Added AOSP-like lidroid toggles to Aroma
Removed Volume Boost Sound MOD
Added More colors to Aroma for status bar icons, clock, lidroid toggles/buttons: blue, purple, orange, yellow

Updated to new base: VRBMF1
Has Everything That v1.6 Has
Native Call Recording
Blocking Mode
Disabled Menu Unlock in AOSP Lock Screen
Enabled Third Party Applications by Default
Disabled Signature Checks
Added Battery Bar.apk to Aroma
Added XDA-Fonts.apk to Aroma
Added More Colors to Aroma
Themed Framework Blue
Long Press Back to Kill Application - FIXED
Lock Screen Torch Toggle - FIXED

Updated to new base: VRBMD3
Premium Suite (the new features such as multi-window)
All Multi-Window Applications enabled
Includes all features that v1.6 has except:
Lock Screen Toggle is present, but does not work.. (Yet)
and the extended stock TW launchers are not ported yet. Feel free to use the ones from v1.6 if you want
Blocking Mode is no longer an option (Thanks Verizon!) FIXED!
SystemUI.apk may F/C on boot, don't worry about it

Fixed Viper Audio MOD
Fixed Simple Alarm Clock Widget
Made the SG4 .apks have the option to choose remove in Aroma
Added Blocking Mode Remove Notification Toggle
Added Quick Unlock on Pin/Password Toggle
Added "Split-View" Toggle to Stock Messaging App
Added Custom Axis Animations - Credit Hero
Added Option for old Talk or Hangouts in Aroma
Added White Icons to Aroma
Added Option for those having 1 hour TW Messaging Bug in Aroma
Updated Google Hangouts, Play Music, VzTones, and Superuser
SystemUI.apk may F/C on boot, don't worry about it

Added Viper Audio MOD to Misc in Aroma
Added Disable option to long press to kill MOD
Added Page Numbers to Aroma Installer to help better guide you through the install
build.prop tweaks - nothing over the top, settle improvements to speed up the overall ROM.

Includes many new Features to the Stock TW Messaging Application:
Screen ON/OFF toggle
Blocking Options (the Call/Message block feature found in Settings.apk)
Save/Restore Messages
Scheduled Messaging
Changed the messaging time stamps to it's original time
Disabled the SMS to MMS auto-conversion
Unlimited Recipients (1000)
Unlimited SMS per Hour (1000)
Fixed Birthday F/C
Updated Blocking Mode SecContacts.apk to 4.1.2
Added Transparent and SG4 Accuweather Widgets to Aroma
Removed Blocking Mode Option from Aroma
Fixed Transparent Status bar .pngs images

Removed Scrolling Cache
Forced GPU Rendering: Speeds the overall ROM up nicely
Auto Brightness values lowered for better "auto" experience
New Launchers Added to Aroma:
Stock Launcher with Scrolling Wallpaper,
5x6 Scrolling and Non-Scrolling Wallpaper
SG4 Application Options:
MyFiles, Browser, Gallery, Video player, S-Voice
New Option in Aroma for keyboard Notification Icon On/Off
New Option in Aroma for Full/Stock Rotation
Note2 and Emoji Keyboards added to Aroma (Don't choose note2 + Stock keyboards!)
Fixed Volume Skip Track Volume Issue
Fixed Touch-wiz Group Messaging
Updated Google Play, Play Services, Music and Gtalk (Hangouts) applications
Updated AOSP Theme to include options for SG4 Applications

Bug Fixes
Fixed Aroma Options - System Sounds, Volume Boost Hack
Removed Battery "On The Fly" MOD and batteries can now be changed in Aroma
Fixed Ripple Effect for AOSP Theme
New 5x4 launchers that work with the widgets! thanks to countryfolk07 and Wchill for the original code
Removed Brightness Slider Toggle as it did not survive a reboot, and can now be toggled on/off in Aroma
Updated Gtalk, Google Play, Gmail, Maps, Samsung Push, Google Search, My Verizon, VZ Tones and Sound Search

Initial Release

Removed "You have lost data connectivity" roaming notification
customize the double press of the home button (not sure yet)

Wish List:
Lock Screen Notification Bubbles
Rotary Lock Screen



  • Multi window sometimes doesn't pick the correct app. A work-around is if it starts putting in the wrong apps, scroll to the top of the list and put the very first app in the bar, after that it should work again. User help.
    If this doesn't work please use the Aroma MW app in Misc, or use exposed frameworks.
  • Lidroid toggles may become out of alignment, turn on auto-rotate, open an application that rotates, and rotate the phone, then once you rotate back, it'll go back to normal. Very rare.

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