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Lenox Evolution V2 [ROM UPDATED]

Utsav Verma / / 0
A Stock-based ROM Black and White theme, aiming to make a ROM for every Galaxy Y User. In this V2 of our ROM, all the issues, bugs and suggestion form Lenox Evolution V1 are fix and made. Lenox Evolution V2 are gotten better.

What does this ROM have?
Landscape view
Launcher setting
5 Dock Icons

About Phone
Swipeable Layout
2 UI Classic and Tiled (Dont know your choices e. :P)
Label (Carrier label maybe but its not a carrier though)
Shortcuts probably Settings
Brightness slider at statusbar
Working Signal, Battery, Clock Tweaks

Tabs settings
More Lenox Parts than Lenox Evolution Version 1
Power Control Widget (Having only 5 widgets is too mainstream)
Lenox Lock
Iphone look first tab
Owner Profile

Extended Power Menu
Edited bools.xml
Edited Date and Time Display
Stock Drawables Revamped

Android policy
Lidroid Lockscreen
Gesture at lockscreen

Revamped Looks
Music Widget (still have a problem at album though)

No auto conversion
Message skin and background

Revamped Clock/Widger
Revamped Task Manager
Revamped Radio
Revamped Phone.apk
Revamped Dialer
Revamped Calculator
Revamped MyFiles
Revamped WallpaperChooser
Added build.prop tweaks
Init.d Support
Kernel Free
Lates GApps
Bravia and XLoud Tweaks
Added Root and Busybox Run-Parts
Bootanimation(totally addicted to it)
Moar Battery Juice

Download Link
Download at the download section. XDADB. :D

Mirror Link

1. Go to CWM Recovery
2. Wipe data and cache
3. Mount system and data
4. Flash
5. Reboot

Version Information
Status: Stable

Created 2013-09-29
Last Updated 2013-11-03
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Name: SC20130929-214721.png
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Name: SC20130929-214551.png
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ID: 2291962

Utsav Verma

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