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MiniScape v2.0 ROM

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GIO have an update to v2.0 (Final Version), me too make a port update with several changes and bugs fixing  you can find that inside the new update of this ROM

Link for this ROM :


Changelogs: **)for new release see the marked words
- Slim rom with 80 mb free system memory
- Xperia UI and apps
- Bravia Engine 2
- All apps re-theming
- Jelly Bean Animation
- New Notif Bar layout
- Added Home button at notif bar
- Tabbed Settings with swipe gesture
- APN automatic
- Use Samsung Keyboard mod
- Back to CM7 Contacts and Dialer with mod
- Build.prop ram tweak
- Transparent Google Play Store V 4.1.6
- BeatsManager with new graphic and costum preset value
- More battery life
- New Ringtones and Notification
- Xperia Contacts
- Xperia MMS
- QuickPic as default gallery
- MegaBass system audio
- More Tweak like Super Processor Tweak..etc
- ViPER4Android (V4A) Audio Effects thanks to zhuhang for this 
- Background costumization, you can change pulldown image, and all activity background 
- Xperia Z Icons
- More Stable
- Many Others you can find by yourself
- New Xperia ZU slide window animation
- Roboto font from android 4.3
- Added new mini theme: MIUI v5, Blackberry 10, Sense 5, JB, Windows 8, Galaxy S4, and Key Lime Pie ( you must restart the launcher after applied the theme )
- Little Edit in Launcher
- Font Unicode
- Galaxy S4 Lock Screen, see personalize category, and arrange it by yourself the style
- Little changes in framework
- Rebuid and resign all apps
- Fixed tileview
- New MegaBass
- Transparent Google Playstore 4.1.10 with changeable background
- Fix for Camera rotation
- Little changes at framework and UI
- Sliding Tab as default lockscreen
- Some new icons
- Shortcut to Themechooser for theme option at launcher menu
- Re Sign the rom
- Re Sized manythings big from Source ROM
- a2sd pre-support
- Deleted s4 Locker
- More stable
- etc
- Hope it's no bug


- Put the file in sdcard
- Go to CWM recovery
- Wipe data, cache, n dalvik cache
- Instal the file
- Reboot

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Name: GioScapeCM7-1385697504844.png
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Name: GioScapeCM7-1385697512500.png
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Name: GioScapeCM7-1385697517561.png
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Name: GioScapeCM7-1385697537022.png
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Name: GioScapeCM7-1385697543916.png
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Name: GioScapeCM7-1385697556156.png
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Name: GioScapeCM7-1385697560637.png
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Name: GioScapeCM7-1385697571317.png
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Name: GioScapeCM7-1385697686234.png
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Name: GioScapeCM7-1385697703523.png
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Name: GioScapeCM7-1385698018676.png
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Name: GioScapeCM7-1385698027037.png
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Name: GioScapeCM7-1385698317059.png
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Name: GioScapeCM7-1385698323313.png
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ID: 2432641  

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